Bash - Executing a Python Script within a Bash!

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How to run a python script within a bash script

Earlier today I authored a Jenkins Bash script to deploy an AWS Service Catalog. I used aws servicecatalog describe-record --id ID --region REGION to check the status of the provisioned product after running aws servicecatalog provision-product .... Running ProvisionProduct returns a record detail with a JSON object structure including the RecordId,

   "RecordDetail": {
      "RecordId": "A_RECORD_ID",
      // ...

As I'm not yet a Bash pro, I hacked a quick and dirty python script embedded within the Jenkins bash deploy script to grab the RecordId and run DescribeRecord. This is what is looks like ->


aws servicecatalog provisionproduct ...... > record_detail.json

cat << EOF >

import json

with open('./record_detail.json', 'r') as opened_file:
    record = json.load(opened_file)

    record_id = record['RecordDetail']['RecordId']

with open('record_id.txt', 'w') as opened_file:

chmod 755


echo "Record id: ${record_id}"
# "A_RECORD_ID", from the above record_detail.json

aws servicecatalog describe-record --id ${record_id} --region ${best_region_ever}

The echo "Record id: ${record_id}" command outputs Record id: A_RECORD_ID, which seems both kinda neat and kinda hacky. More elegant solutions abound, but if the situation allows and you don't feeling like parsing JSON in Bash, this seems a quick, dirty, and effective solution 🤷🏻‍♂️ ymmv